Mirrors of Suspire, part two

Elin Asara fought every step of the way to stop herself from looking back over her shoulder. She had seen the way that Tharn had stepped through the window – as easily as walking through a door – and she was afraid. They had warned her, her employers, that he was a master. Only now that she had seen him at work, she suddenly doubted their plan.



Mirrors of Suspire, part one

A friend of mine over at 52 Tales is challenging herself to write a short story every week in 2018, and I’ve agreed to take the challenge with her. There aren’t any hard and fast rules, no word limit, the aim of the exercise is to maintain a discipline and produce an bank of creative work by the end of the year.

My first entry this year was The Walk, and you can find that here. I cheated a little last week, because I didn’t finish the story. I got to a natural stopping point, and decided it will be a two or three part serial, so here’s part one of Mirrors of Suspire.

There were only three people in Suspire who could work mirrors like Hederac Tharn, and he was all three of them. There had been more, once. Not version of him, of course, but other sorcerers, well versed in the art and science of reflection. Learning the rituals and applying them was just a matter of book work and practice. The grand library at Three Sisters held more than two dozen volumes accessible enough that a complete beginner could capture, seal, and interrogate an image within half an hour of cracking open the covers. (more…)

Blades in the Ranks – Session 1

The scene opens on a warehouse in Six Towers by the waterside. A canal boat pulls up at the jetty, and half a dozen men and women haul themselves out and climb the slick steps up to street level. They are the Good People; Captain Morlan Bell, Corporal Lucien Mortimer “Mort,” and Lt. Bjorn “Bird” Bennet, Pvt. First Class, Wilhelm “Weaver” Rike, Pvt. Liz “Smokes” Haig, and Pvt Holtz “Rat” Whitevale.

The meeting with the Foghounds goes down like this. The Good People need to build up on their good fortune so far, and create a solid base to operate from. More than a place, what they need is coin. Margette gives them a couple of options: first, there’s a crew of snot-nosed brats called the Eels operating out of Crow’s Foot. They’re running some low-key smuggling operations, even though that’s not their main thing, and it’s cutting in on the Foghounds action. They need to be cut down a peg. The Foghounds can’t pay us, but they could supply aid, and we get to keep what we find. (more…)

A Second Session 0

A… while ago now- actually, fuck, almost a year ago- I wrote a post here about how my group had just started playing Blades in the Dark, that delicious and deadly game about rogues and monsters in down and dirty Doskvol. I meant that post to turn into a series of articles expanding on our game as it was being played. For a multitude of reasons, chief among them my laziness, that never happened.

Now, I’m promising no one that won’t happen again. Mostly because I don’t kid myself that anyone reads this stuff, and if they do, that they’re interested in what my gaming group is doing. But I will do my best to keep things at least a little up to date this time.

One day I might write a plotted history of the Butcher Birds; that’s what we called our first crew of ne’er-do-wells, but again, it might never happen, and who knows who’d want to read it if I ever do. (more…)