Blades in the Dark, Session 0.1

This was our first session qua session of Blades in the Dark. GM is Adam Brimmer, players are; myself as Elody Moon, a Cutter; Noel Cuschieri-Huy as Ashlyn Brogan, a Whisper; and Chris Borg Cutajar as Nesreen, a Lurk. They are the Butcher Birds, a group of Shadows, specialising in second-story work, with a sideline in sabotage. (more…)

Blades in the Dark, Session 0

My Wednesday group over Skype decided to pick up John Harper’s Blades in the Dark, which is available on DrivethruRPG in a digital early access edition. I absolutely love the premise: a gang of thieves, murderers, and cut-throats, doing their best to survive in a grim dark city strangely reminiscent of Dunwall from Dishonored, but a high chaos version of that city, in which everything is broken and the world has gone mad. (more…)

Story by Tarot

A couple of weeks back I remembered an exercise in story that I’d read about once. It involves taking a tarot reading using your favourite technique – I’ve always favoured the Celtic cross because, well, that’s what the books on tarot teach you – and using that to create a story. Supposedly Michael Moorcock has used the method, and even if he hasn’t, it’s easy enough to believe.

I busted out my deck and threw down a reading. I came up with this: (more…)

Honor and Shame

I’m running (well, co-running but that’s a whole other thing) a game of L5R and I got to thinking that the Honor mechanic just either isn’t right, or isn’t right for my group of players. So that got me musing on an alternative.

Honor as a thing in game is something your character carries around, as befits their standing as Samurai – that is, as the nobility in a rigid class system in which there are many different kinds and types of Samurai, (and I mean the broadest description of Samurai, not including distinctions like heads of family or clan, or those gained by holding a particular office) the only distinction between them is in how they carry themselves.  (more…)

Busy night at Glasgow Airport

This is the story of Jamie and Matilda.

Jamie is a little person. He always self identified as a dwarf. He grew out his beard, grew his hair, and worked hard to match his physique with the ideal in his head from reading The Lord of the Rings and the Icelandic Sagas. A native of the most remote northern part of Scotland, he moved away, went south, got a shitty job and just survived for a while.

Until he met Matilda. (more…)

The Vampire Detective

By which I mean a detective who is a vampire, not a detective who detects vampires – though that second one could be an interesting idea to squeeze and see what comes out.

I think it was around this time last year that a friend was asking for players to join her game of Vampire. I was jonesing for a new RPG to join, and wanted to meet new people, so even though I’m not a newbie (she had specified that she wanted new players) I asked if I could tag along. She said it was okay, and that I needed to write a bit of background about my character. This was the first thing I wrote. I wrote two more versions – because I am indecisive.  (more…)

A Useful Thing

“Right forearm measurement looks to be about eighteen sarts. Grimbol, are you standing on my measure? I think I left it on the ground over there.”

“Must you insist on doing this every time we kill something, Wizard?” said Grimbol, who nevertheless shuffled over to where Sidri had been kneeling only moments earlier. (more…)