Blades in the Ranks – Session 1

The scene opens on a warehouse in Six Towers by the waterside. A canal boat pulls up at the jetty, and half a dozen men and women haul themselves out and climb the slick steps up to street level. They are the Good People; Captain Morlan Bell, Corporal Lucien Mortimer “Mort,” and Lt. Bjorn “Bird” Bennet, Pvt. First Class, Wilhelm “Weaver” Rike, Pvt. Liz “Smokes” Haig, and Pvt Holtz “Rat” Whitevale.

The meeting with the Foghounds goes down like this. The Good People need to build up on their good fortune so far, and create a solid base to operate from. More than a place, what they need is coin. Margette gives them a couple of options: first, there’s a crew of snot-nosed brats called the Eels operating out of Crow’s Foot. They’re running some low-key smuggling operations, even though that’s not their main thing, and it’s cutting in on the Foghounds action. They need to be cut down a peg. The Foghounds can’t pay us, but they could supply aid, and we get to keep what we find. (more…)

A Second Session 0

A… while ago now- actually, fuck, almost a year ago- I wrote a post here about how my group had just started playing Blades in the Dark, that delicious and deadly game about rogues and monsters in down and dirty Doskvol. I meant that post to turn into a series of articles expanding on our game as it was being played. For a multitude of reasons, chief among them my laziness, that never happened.

Now, I’m promising no one that won’t happen again. Mostly because I don’t kid myself that anyone reads this stuff, and if they do, that they’re interested in what my gaming group is doing. But I will do my best to keep things at least a little up to date this time.

One day I might write a plotted history of the Butcher Birds; that’s what we called our first crew of ne’er-do-wells, but again, it might never happen, and who knows who’d want to read it if I ever do. (more…)

Blades in the Dark, Session 0.1

This was our first session qua session of Blades in the Dark. GM is Adam Brimmer, players are; myself as Elody Moon, a Cutter; Noel Cuschieri-Huy as Ashlyn Brogan, a Whisper; and Chris Borg Cutajar as Nesreen, a Lurk. They are the Butcher Birds, a group of Shadows, specialising in second-story work, with a sideline in sabotage. (more…)

Blades in the Dark, Session 0

My Wednesday group over Skype decided to pick up John Harper’s Blades in the Dark, which is available on DrivethruRPG in a digital early access edition. I absolutely love the premise: a gang of thieves, murderers, and cut-throats, doing their best to survive in a grim dark city strangely reminiscent of Dunwall from Dishonored, but a high chaos version of that city, in which everything is broken and the world has gone mad. (more…)

Story by Tarot

A couple of weeks back I remembered an exercise in story that I’d read about once. It involves taking a tarot reading using your favourite technique – I’ve always favoured the Celtic cross because, well, that’s what the books on tarot teach you – and using that to create a story. Supposedly Michael Moorcock has used the method, and even if he hasn’t, it’s easy enough to believe.

I busted out my deck and threw down a reading. I came up with this: (more…)